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Brenham, TX Nancy C. Roberts Memorial Library


Jan 7,28

Feb 1, 22


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Tues/Thurs 7:15pm

Crave Fitness Studio

Brenham, TX

Christy S., 35


I've been training with Michelle for a month now and I love her! She is very knowledgeable and motivating. 

After foot surgery and not working out for a year, she's getting me back on track.

Mary L., 60

Wow! Since working with Michelle, my severe knee pain is gone (I was thinking about having surgery) and my blood sugar count is down 30 points...all in just 3 weeks. She was able to asses my needs and personalize my workouts and at home exercises. She's the best!

Emily F., 23

 I can see the difference with just twenty workouts! Training with Michelle has been such a great time, and this one commitment has started a ripple effect into other areas of my life, like healthier eating and even parking father away at work. When we began I told her I wanted to feel healthier all around and have more energy, and that has definitely happened...  For anyone considering training and wondering how it can help you: do it. I didn't realize how much my form was off and having proper form makes ALL the difference and you'll feel the results.  

Ellen R., 62

Michelle is totally awesome!  At 62 and at my highest weight ever, I was a little nervous about exercising and pushing my body to do new things.  She is so encouraging and patient and pushes me to do my best.  I feel so much better about my weight loss journey under her guidance as she has helped me to get out of my comfort zone, lose 1.5in off my waistline in just two weeks, and try new things to become fit and healthy.  She is a fantastic trainer, not to mention so sweet and kind!

I believe in the ripple effect. Pour your passion into the unique situation of one person at a time. When that becomes contagious it will be the start of a beautiful movement.





My experience, your goals:

 an unstoppable team



My experience, your goals:

 an unstoppable team



My experience, your goals:

 an unstoppable team



My experience, your goals:

 an unstoppable team



We don't have time for everything... just the most important things. What Will be important 6 months from now?




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