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With various formats of movement, there is something here for you! Anything from a beginner starting their journey to an advanced fitness enthusiast. Now with online and in person options of virtually any service makes each accessible to everyone, no matter where in the world you are based, or travel is part of your lifestyle.


personal training

Receive a program designed to crush your personal goals, with each session delivered live allowing for immediate feed-back--making this the most effective and specialized format.  Personal training naturally calls for a higher level of accountability and allows for more specialization so no matter your circumstance (i.e.past injuries/surgeries, low range of motion, avoidance of certain movements, severe systemic weakness, vertigo, arthritis, etc.)  we can most  effectively move in the direction that is best suited for your body.  With in-person and virtual formats, break through to your goals and a more functional you is waiting to happen in this personalized setting. 


small group, couple, and one-on-one

in-person locations

- your home: let me come to you! Serving clients within roughly 20 mi of Brenham, TX with appropriate mileage and travel time compensation

- park: get a breath of fresh air training outdoors! 

online: still the same live training with immediate feedback, now virtual! With Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Duo as our potential platform, my hope is compatibility is enevidable. 

Also online pre-written and pre-recorded program(s) available with personalized programs coming soon!



Enjoy flowing for muscle  activation  and  toning while also increasing mobility and mental calm in a kind-hearted community! This vinyasa style yoga experience offers opportunities to slow time and focus on breathing, pushes the boundaries of strength and endurance for all levels of fitness and ignites a calorie-eating fire in the metabolism and muscular system, and invites an element of play with new poses while we all have fun, maybe wobble, and decide not to take ourselves so seriously! 


group & one-on-one

in-person locations 

- studio: join an intimate, kind-spirited community in a local studio!

- park: (seasonal) get a breath of fresh air as we flow outdoors!   

- private: request a private yoga session! Great for bridal parties, vacations, get-away with your gal pals, or any other special event! Also requested for athletic teams and military groups to increase performance and most effectively use a "rest day"

online: pre-written, pre-recorded yoga program(s) coming soon! 

For personalized, live yoga session, see personal training.

Group training for all ages, all fitness levels within a family-friendly, supportive environment! This live group workout format is  both cost-effective and able to be moderately modified for your own needs and physical abilities.  With programming that lends to improvements in endurance, strength, agility,  cardiovascular capacity, and performance, this is suited for athletic conditioning or anyone looking to feel better, have a higher quality of life, or up their fitness game while becoming part of the CG fam!




in-person locations:

- Brenham, TX at Hohlt Park. Jackson Street Park, and behind Cub Stadium. 

online: same live group training and supportive community, now virtually via zoom! Train anywhere live with us at noon or complete the recorded session at a later time.



fuel. shed. build.

Fuel your movement effectively depending on your desired outcome. lean out and shed, while building lean muscle mass for increased strength, while feeling healthier, vibrant, and more energized! Nutrition is a core element in e-programs coming soon, is the focus in nutrition consulting, and is a pillar of the program to build positive, healthy habits delivered through health coaching

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